Science of Making Money Online

Science Of Making Money Online


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How to make money online? Everyone wants to achieve this goal of making a living online. Some people achieve it. Lets go back to basics, what is money? Money is a valuable means of exchange. We exchange money for something of value. So ask yourself what are you offering that will be of value to your potential customer? Ask yourself what do people want and need? By providing something that fulfills a customer’s needs you are providing value to that person.


People need sustenance for the body and the mind, they need shelter and clothing and they desire entertainment. People also need a way of providing for themselves that is a need to produce wealth by offering their services or goods. Making money online is about fulfilling people’s needs. Really it is no different to making money offline or in a traditional shop front. The reality is the challenges are exactly the same.



Once people find out you have something they need they will come looking for you. So step 2 advertising is only an issue at the start of the business of making money or increasing your wealth.


I think it’s a lot like building a fire. You start off small with a little kindling. You need a spark, something for the kindling to catch fire. Then slowing that little fire catches hold. You then have to feed the fire more and more wood or fuel otherwise the fire will go out. As the fire builds in intensity, it get’s hotter and air is pulled into the fire. Oxygen feeds the fire and increases it’s heat.


Similarly then your business any business to be successful needs lots of fuel ready for it to burn. Once the fire get’s going air will be sucked in fanning the coals and increasing the intensity. Similarly once people get wind of the product or service you are providing and once they discover it is fulfilling their need they will tell others. Others will come to have their needs fulfilled the intensity of the desire will increase fanning the coals of your business, which will need more fuel i.e. products or services, to cater to the need.


In a fire the more important requirements for it to start are dry kindling, a spark, and air or oxygen. In a business the most important ingredients are an excellent product or service, a good advertising campaign and plenty of people.


The people will come if what you are providing is what they need.


To start a fire (successful online business) you need a good product or service. You need enthusiasm (spark) and the desire for success. And you need to be able to promote it.

In My Online Business Empire Matt Lloyd provides the products and service, Matt provides the method and know how of promotion and he does the selling all he needs is for you to provide the spark, that is your enthusiasm and desire for success and your willingness to follow the steps he outlines in promoting the products. The people who are successful in any business are those with staying power. You need to have stamina. Stamina is the ability to keep pursuing your goal even when you think you have tried everything.


To view what Matt has to offer go to my youtube video which gives you an exclusive look at the inside of the My Online Business Empire’s products. Then if you feel you have what it takes you can become an affiliate and begin your journey towards financial security or the warmth that comes from building your own fire.


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To your future wealth and prosperity.


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