Attributes Required For A Successful Online Business


Making Money On-Line


Requires the right infrastructure. The business model must be set up before the customers come into the shop. It's no use driving lots of traffic through your shop front if you haven't got the offers for them.


A way to get customers into your shop is to offer them a free product. Once inside you continue to offer them products that cost money. It's these secondary offers and service fees that make money for your business. Just like in the mobile phone business. Most mobile phone companies give their phones away for free because they know the customers will need to go on a plan to receive internet download band width and be able to send and receive texts etc. It's these anciliary charges that make the phone companies profit.


It is these back end offers that must be available when the customers come from your free offer.


The products are essential for the health of your business. The products must provide value and fulfil the customer's needs. If the initial free offer doesn't provide value the customers will not come back for further offers.


The product categories are:

  1. Physical products and deliverables.

  2. Digital products like ebooks, software tools, phone apps and games.

  3. Informational type products like videos, powerpoint slides, ebooks and pdf documents explaining and teaching how to do things that people want to find out about.

  4. Local service goods like teaching people how to setup their iphones and laptops, how to connect to the internet.

  5. Large corporations and franchise companies like Jim's Mowing and Kentucky Fried Chicken.


There are emotional and logical reasons for buying. Concentrating on fulfilling customer's emotional needs will produce the most profit.


Opportunity based products are those that provide the know how to achieve customer's dreams and fulfil desires. These are the best products to sell on the internet because they fulfil customer's emotional needs.


The categories of Opportunity based products are:

  1. Business make money and investment opportunities.

  2. Relationship opportunities, i.e. Dating websites.

  3. Health and Fitness opportunities.


Price the opportunity product on the buyer's desire to achieve the dream being offered.


What would people be willing to pay for a system that if they followed it would guarantee them freedom from their 9-5 job and commute and give them more time to spend with their loved ones?


How much money would people be willing to pay if they could purchase a system that guaranteed them the woman or man of their dreams?


Go where the people are and look for specialised markets in those markets. For example in Weight loss:-


  • Weight loss (very broad)

  • Weight loss for women (broad)

  • Weight loss for brides (niched down)

  • Kettlebell workouts for women (niched down)

  • Lose weight fast after pregnancy (niched down)


What do people desire, not just need but want!! ?? That's where the big money is.


The best opportunity products are those with no production cost and no carrying cost.

What people search for online are products they can't get else where. Producing products to fulfil those needs will produce results.


Many of these products enable people to relieve their insecurities.


In My Online Business Empire (MOBE) all the hard work is done for you. It has the :-

  • Feeder product.

  • Funded proposal.

  • Primary offer.


MOBE provides

  • Training, support and community.

  • Infrastructure, websites, support, follow up systems.

  • Feeder products to draw customers towards the primary offer.

  • Automatic product sales.


The bigger commissions your primary product pays the more you make.

Positioning is everything so make sure you stand in a position to get the highest commission possible from any sale you make.


Having the MOBE system is like having superman on your team.


The right product line will grow your business.


Journey To Freedom


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