Illawarra Training Camp

Dapto Tin Shed Wylie Street over the road from Orthodox monastry next to cemetry

Video Showing Camp Location

Illawarra Judo Training Camp Sunday Warmup Exercises 2013

Instruction on Uchikomi by Ki-Young JEON (3 x World Champion and Olympic Champion)

Instruction on Osotogari Uchikomi by Ki-Young JEON (3 x World Champion and Olympic Champion)

Judo skills session

Illawara training camp

  1. one handed seionagi
    1. Tori left hand takes uki’s collar under uki’s right arm.
    2. Tori lifts uki’s arm up by right elbow.
    3. Tori turns left ankle left before diving into the ippon seionagi.
    4. Tori bends knees and catapults uki over tori’s shoulders.
    5. Alternative attacks include kouchigari or if tori can’t turn enough opt for osotogari outer leg reap.
  2. New throw cross between uchi-mata and hane goshi
    1. Tori takes uki’s left collar under uki’s arm. Tori lifts uki’s collar high above uki’s right eye
    2. Tori turns right ankle away from uki in the direction tori intends to throw.
    3. Tori grabs uki’s left arm with tori’s right and lift it high
    4. Tori twists their body into your uki’s body breaking uki’s balance forward
    5. Tori fit left leg fits into uki’s left leg in a hane goshi fit and throws uki.
    Reverse moreto seionagi
    1. Tori and uki face off in a diagonal stance. Tori’s right leg forward; Uki’s left leg forward. Tori has uki’s left collar with right hand fingers inside uki’s collar. Uki’s left arm is under tori’s left hand fingers inside tori’s right collar.
    2. Tori Flexes bicep to pull uki’s collar. Tori slots elbow inside uki’s bent left arm.
    3. Tori grabs same collar with right hand.
    4. Tori swivels hips so left leg scribes and arc behind uki.
    5. Tori performs a moreto seoinagi pulling uki backwards and over tori’s shoulder.
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