Travels of the Vibrating String

Vibrating strings, my guitar sings,
Sending unseen waves of sound,
Waves abound for shores unseen,
Leeping forth on journey's, infinity bound.

Seeking unknown dynasties, kingdoms and towns,
Projected forth with missionary zeal,
They bounce off walls, and penetrate,
The restless seas of souls unseen, of thoughts careering forth.

Lifes mysterious force instills their course,
With purpose and strength, to complete their mission,
To travel aloft through distant lands,
To distant peoples in unknown worlds.

Thoughts and sound infinity bound,
Friends on a journey a quest,
They play together, entwined, unconfined,
Seeking out the corners of peoples minds,
There is no rest until completing their quest,
In restful repose they find,
The end of the line, infinities shore,
Souce of all life's thoughts and sounds.

By Simon Shields,
28th August 2005.

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