This page will focus on topics around Christianity. Christianity, as the name implies is the religion composed of people who follow Jesus Christ. The religion established by Jesus.

Finding the True Church

A Church is the organisation of christians into an autonomous group that have the same beliefs and practices. Finding the Church that Jesus Christ established for His followers has been a life long struggle for me and many other people. One of the main problems has been the great variety of churches that claim authenticity. I think two churches stand out as being major contenders. The Orthodox and Catholic churches. Both these Churches claim apostolic lineage. The Orthodox and Catholic churches were once the same church but they split over the Catholic Churches claims regarding Papal Supreme Jurisdiction.

Two Paths written by Michael Whelton
Explains how the Catholic Church is wrong about it's claims concerning Papal Infallibility and Supreme Jurisdiction. I have scanned a couple of chapters for those interested, I strongly suggest you buy the book.
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The Truth What Every Roman Catholic Should Know about the Orthodox Church by Clark Carlton ISBN 0-9649141-8-2
The Truth What Every Roman Catholic Should Know about the Orthodox Church by Clark
Carlton ISBN 0-9649141-8-2
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Born Again Christians have got it wrong about 1000 year reign and rapture. This idea is a very old heresy fostered by the jews. This previous Jew explains

2014 - Mystery Babylon Today and Birth of the Antichrist!!

Sons of God: Who Are We - Why We Are Here

Bill Schnoebelen- Catholicism The Church On Haunted Hill

I was brought up a Catholic and can vouch for the accuracy of this youtube. I was also a active participant in the so called traditional catholicism specifically I took part in the society of saint pius the tenth (SSPX) I know this stuff is true. I studied and struggled with the heresy imbibed in catholicism. You can read what I think here

Anyone interested in catholicism and the vatican i recommend you check this out.
This guy is a straight shooter .

He repeats himself a bit especially at the start but give him a chance and wow.

Eat My Flesh & Drink My Blood: Literal of Symbolic?

John Paul II was the Antichrist (full length)

2028 END - See the Movie that's SHOCKING the world !!! (Full Movie) End of the World [HD]

Is the World about to End? - The Apocalypse Explained?

Gog Magog Identified. ITS NOT RUSSIA.

Why Francis Must Not Be Considered The Pope

Ark of Covenant Found

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