My Journey

My religious journey in a nutshell - Brought up a catholic, involved in traditional catholicism and SSPX cult, discovered major corruption and inconsistencies and blatant lying in catholic propaganda, investigated orthodoxy, found historical truth and theological truth but I discovered a community rife with division and violence. I classify my religiosity as spiritualist and base my beliefs on historical knowledge.

Books that have been my guides are :- "The Truth-What every Roman Catholic Should know about the Orthodox Church" by Clark Carlton (Brilliant), "The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church" by Vladimir Lossky, (hard going, could have been summarised in a book half the size, lots of tedious repetition, but enlightening). I've read lots of Traditional Catholic Books by authors like Michael Davies et. al. but they are really full of deception although when I read them I was full of admiration for the author, it was only later that I discovered deception.

Currently I'm disillusioned with religious organisations i.e. established churches. They seem to be the last place you'd want to go to obtain peace and a religious experience or understanding of life.

Currently interested in meditation and prayer that is connecting with God and the Spiritual. I describe myself as a believing Christian, That is I believe in all the things defined in the orthodox creed.

Anyway enough about me, looking forward to sharing with others and learning from their experiences and life journeys.

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