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Programs I've Written using Perl and Perltk

These programs have been converted to binaries to run on intel MS Windows platforms. If you purchase the code from me they should be able to run with probably a little tweaking, on any operating system with the Perl translator and Perltk modules installed.
Used perl2exe to convert them to executable's to run on Microsoft Windows. I've found these programs useful and fun to make. Use at your own risk.


The purposes of these pages is to:-

  1. Demonstrate software I've created. 
  2. Discuss proposals for new software.
  3. Discuss existing software.


Graph Application
Do Bar, Horizontal Bar and Pie Charts.
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.8 MB
Create, save, edit, restore, sort lists e.g. todo list, shopping list, work completed list etc...
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 1.4 MB
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