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Perl Install - How to install

a perl module in unix/linux

perl -MCPAN -e shell
perl2exe swash_fetch error  problem with utf8. To fix it, add the following lines to your script
  1. #perl2exe_include ""
  2. use Encode::Unicode;
  3. use bytes;
not sure why it works. Recreate the exe and the problem magically disappears!!!!
/\Q.....\E/ This says "don't interpret chars between /Q and /E". It's good in regexp matching e.g.
if ($simon =~ /\Q $xyz \E/)
s/^.+?1\.3\.6\.1/; Add ? in a regexp match to effect the non-greedy grab, so characters upto the first match are matched .+? rather than all possible chars. The perl construct effectively removes anything before the first "1".
This is the workaround to connect Perl DBI to oracle 10
  • # cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib
  • # ln -s
  • # ln -s
  • # cd $ORACLE_HOME/lib32
  • # ln -s
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