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How To Update TIP for a new ObjectServer Root Password

To update tip to ensure it connects to primary and backup objectservers with new root passwords run this

$ ./confvmm4ncos.sh root newrootpassword oserverp.domain PPPP oserverb.domain PPPP

<config:repositories adapterClassName=

id="NetcoolObjectServer" supportPaging="false">
<config:baseEntries name="o=netcoolObjectServerRepository"/>
<config:CustomProperties name="password" value="{AES}EC040B24B04C3DB78593BF40689D4A17"/>
<config:CustomProperties name="username" value="root"/>
<config:CustomProperties name="host1" value="oserverp.domain"/>
<config:CustomProperties name="port1" value="PPPP"/>
<config:CustomProperties name="host2" value="oserverb.domain"/>
<config:CustomProperties name="port2" value="PPPP"/>

And edit the $WEBGUI_HOME/etc/datasources/ncwDataSourceDefinitions.xml file

./webtop_osresync --help


WAAPI - Web GUI Administration API


  1. Save the waapi.tar.gz for Unix, or waapi.zip for Windows to the directory you want to install into.
  2. Change directory to the location where you would like the files to be installed.
  3. Unix: Run the following command:
    gtar xzvf waapi.tar.gz
    Windows: unzip the file waapi.zip

    The files will be installed in a subdirectory called waapi. After the installation is finished, the subdirectory can be renamed as desired.

    The structure of the directory is:


  4. Only for Unix: set execute permissions on the runwaapi:
    chmod +x bin/runwaapi


  1. Write your XML configuration file.
  2. Start the Web GUI server.
  3. WAAPI can be run with the following command:

Unix: chmod +x bin/runwaapi

Windows: bin\runwaapi

Where options can be:

-props Name of properties file
-host Sets the hostname for the WAAPI to connect to
-port Sets the port number for the WAAPI to connect to
-user Sets the user name for the WAAPI to connect with
-file Sets the path of xml configuration file
-outfile Sets the path of output file
-timeout Sets the time out in seconds
-password Sets the password for the WAAPI to connect with
-secure [off|on] Enables the secure https features
-fips [off|on] Enables the FIPS features
-keyStore Sets the location of ssl key store
-keyStorePassword Sets the key store password
-keyManagerType Sets the key manager type
-keyStoreType Sets the key store type
-trustStore Sets the location of ssl trust store
-trustStorePassword Sets the trust store password
-trustManagerType Sets the trust manager type
-trustStoreType Sets the trust store type
-help Displays this help text.


  1. Generate keystore for the Web GUI server. Obtain root certificate from CA. For self made ones (when signing your own keys) and the test ones as Thwate test certificate, they have to be added manually into that file using the keytool -import command.
    Example: (Thwate test certificate is thawte.root)

    keytool -import -alias "Thawte Test CA Root" -file thawte.root -trustcacerts -v -keystore /jre/lib/security/cacerts

  2. Run WAAPI with option "-secure on".
  3. WAAPI Data Type Definitions WAAPI DTD
TIP Java Heap Sizes


The values should be set to
initialHeapSize 512
maximumHeapSize 1536

1. Use wsadmin to increase the Heap Size for the JVM. It is in the $TIP_HOME/profiles/TIPProfile/bin directory and is used as follows:

wsadmin.sh -lang jython -contype NONE

2. You can find the current Jvm values at {initialHeapSize xxx} and {maximumHeapSize xxx} by issuing the command

print AdminConfig.show(AdminConfig.list("JavaVirtualMachine"))

3. If the initalHeapSize is not 512 or/and the maximumHeapSize is not 1536 the set the correct values by issuing the commands

AdminConfig.modify(jvm, '[[initialHeapSize 512]]')
AdminConfig.modify(jvm, '[[maximumHeapSize 1536]]')
print AdminConfig.show(AdminConfig.list("JavaVirtualMachine"))

4. Clean the server1 log (i.e. delete contents of /opt/ibm/tivoli/tip/profiles/TIPProfile/logs/server1/native_stderr.log) and Re Start TIP Server sudo /etc/init.d/tip restart

Your changes will be included when the server starts.

If you attempt to start the TIP server with a maximum heap size that is too large, error messages that are similar to the following will be generated in the $TIP_HOME\profiles\TIPProfile\logs\server1\native_stderr.log :

JVMJ9GC019E -Xms too large for -Xmx
JVMJ9VM015W Initialization error for library j9gc23(2): Failed to initialize
Could not create the Java virtual machine. If these errors occur replace the original values and restart and let me know.
Enable MIME Types To enable TIP to handle mime types



into /opt/netcool/guifoundation/webapps/webtop/WEB-INF/web.xml so that we can open excel in the browser.

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