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Hi Simon Yes you have it right. Whitlam and the Political Parties twice removed the people "of the Commonwealth" from their system of Government then removed all our property so they could borrow against their Australian Dollars counterfeit to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted. In 1901 we the people "of the Commonwealth" became a Constitutional Monarchy under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted. In 1999 we the people "of the Commonwealth" at a referendum voted to stay as a Constitutional Monarchy. Therefore our money should be Instead we are forced to use Political Party counterfeit pretend money which as their own private (Political Parties creation in 1979) High Court of Australia states the Australian Dollar has NO Head of Power. See attachment The Political Parties removed most fire arms for a major reason and it was not the crap that was rammed down our throat at the time. The Police Service whether Federal or State are the security agencies for the TOTALLY CORRUPT Political Parties and their TOTALLY CORRUPT Judicial system. They think their TOTALLY CORRUPT Judicial system is NOT accountable to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted. When the people "of the Commonwealth" wake up ??? and enforce an election under the Primary Law of the Commonwealth as established under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted. ​Whitlam and the Political Parties removed the words "of the Commonwealth" in 1973 from all Commonwealth Acts. Definition of Commonwealth, which is clear and unchallengeable, according to the express wording of the Preamble and the first six clauses of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 Proclaimed and Gazetted. Preamble WHEREAS the people of 1. Short title Title removed 2. Act to extend to the Queen’s successors Removed any successors 3. Proclamation of Commonwealth Removed the Proclamation 4. Commencement of Act Removed the Commencement 5. Operation of the Constitution and laws Removed the binding to the Constitution 6. Definitions By removing definitions the Political Parties have created their own “Australia” their own “Commonwealth” means their own “Commonwealth of Australia” in a geographical system. By doing this the Political Parties have taken over the Commonwealth of Australia by using the Common Vernacular of words and the people "of the Commonwealth" are walking around with their heads jammed in the sand. As well as going over seas to international bodies we are trying to inform as many people "of the Commonwealth" as possible.
Victoria's Assent
Victoria's Assent
Research Into Queen of Australia
Research into the Queen of Australia sea
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KABLE v Director of Public Prosecutions
Hi Simon
At present we are writing up for the International Court of Justice and the Security Council of the United Nations and over seas Countries.
Their TOTALLY CORRUPT POLITICAL PARTIES HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA created in 1979 explain very clearly that under their (Political Parties) system of Government we the people "of the Commonwealth" have NO rights. The Police services (PIGS) whether Federal or State are only a security agency to the TOTALLY CORRUPT POLITICAL PARTIES and their TOTALLY CORRUPT LEGAL FRATERNITY.
Read the attachments.
KABLE v Director of Public Prosecutions
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Their High Court of Australia Research
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Constitutional and Official Definitions
Constitutional and Official Definitions
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God in a nutshell Noah Video by Tray Smith Noah Youtube Video
God in nutshell project by Tray Smith

The Most Dangerous Superstition

in 2 minutes by Larken Rose

Most conflicts, violence and injustice is a result not of individual malice but the peoples imagining they have an obligation to obey a perceived authority. usually government, in their daily lives. Most people accept the non aggression principle its not ok to rob or attack other people but they have been taught that government has an exemption from the rule and that legalised theft and thuggery, taxation and law enforcement are moral legitimate and necessary for society. Here are 3 independent proofs that the concept of government is not just susceptible to corruption and abuse but is by it's very nature self contradictory and insane.

  1. There is no document or procedure where by any person or group of people can delegate to another a right which the first person or group didn't have to begin with. Ergo congress cannot have acquired that which it does not have the right to do any thing, that you don't have the right to do yourself.
  2. You can't have a moral obligation to do what you think is wrong. Whenever there is a conflict between what authority dictates and your own conscience you have the right to disobey, but if that's true, than the one giving orders isn't authority since authority means the one with the right to rule you and the one you must obey.
  3. No document or ritual can alter morality and make an evil act good, either man made law matches objective morality in which case the law is redundant and irrelevant or it conflicts with objective morality in which case it is illegitimate and should be disobeyed. Either way legislation never creates any obligation to obey and therefore has no authority.

Once all of this is widely understood that's the end of all the theft, thuggery, oppression and war in the world which happens now as a result of the belief in government meaning a rightful ruling class. If evil were committed by only genuinely nasty people instead of being condoned and committed by almost everyone all those that imagine that legalising evil makes it good and imagine that agents of 'authority' have rights the rest of us don't, the world would be a far more peaceful and just place. Amen

If you have more than 2 minutes and want a thorough explanation of this then get a copy of the most dangerous superstition. By Larken Rose See

SURPRISE: You're Eating Fukushima Radiation and Bloody, Cancerous Tumors in Fish Contaminated By Radiation

SURPRISE: You're Eating Fukushima Radiation and Bloody, Cancerous Tumors in Fish Contaminated By Radiation
TurnerRadioNetwork Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Americans and Canadians have been eating radioactive fish filled with bloody, cancerous tumors as a result of fish being contaminated with huge amounts of radiation in the Pacific ocean from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.
In March, 2011 an earthquake off the coast of Japan caused a Tsunami which hit the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, causing three reactors to melt down.  Not only has that disaster site been spewing 400 tons of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean every single day since the earthquake, the radiation has reached the US West Coast and the fish you've been eating from the Pacific ocean are full of it!  The radiation in the fish is so terrible that wild-caught Alaskan Salmon and Canadian white fish are being found to have bloody, cancerous, tumors throughout their bodies.
The government and the nuclear power industry claim we have nothing to worry about.  When you see the photos below, you may want decide for yourself if they're telling the truth.
According to the Local Environmental Observers (LEO) Network in Hydaburg, Alaska, they have found strange growths in the flesh or meat of salmon. "We were fishing for cohos (silver salmon) at the mouth of the Hydaburg River with line and reel." said Brian Holter, Jr. who said that eight fish  were filled up inside with strange growths that were either white or pink in color. "On the outside the fish looked fine. The growths looked kind of like individual little salmon eggs, and about the same size. Other people were seeing the same kind of growths in their fish as well." he continued.
This is what the tumors inside three separate Salmon looked like:
The map below will give readers an understanding of the proximity of Hydaburg, Alaska to the Fukushima, Japan disaster site to demonstrate how far the effects of Fukushima radiation have traveled in the three years since the disaster began:
Other volunteers from LEO have come across even more disturbing cancerous tumors and bloody lesions on fish. According to another LEO volunteer, Sam Kunaknana, in Nuiqsut, Alaska, for the past few months they have been catching sick fish on Nigliq Channel and upstream from Nigliq Channel to the Colville River.  The fish have had bloody lesions and tumors on them.
Sadly, the images above aren't nearly the worst of it.  Other fishermen and even Marine Biologists have caught other fish showing classic signs of radiation-caused cancerous tumors.  
"In all the years I’ve been fishing I never caught any fish like this. Caught 3 more sick fish with same markings and this time one had some kind of growths coming out from its mouth  Most people in our community eat this fish." Sam Kunaknana continued.
While there is no way to tell exactly where in the Pacific Ocean these fish have been, one thing is for certain: they're ALL from the Pacific Ocean.  Yet numerous "scientists" have repeatedly stated that "dilution is the solution" for the Fukushima pollution.  These "scientists" say the Pacific Ocean is so big and has so much water, the radiation spewing from Fukushima can't possibly be bad enough to affect humans. The pictures  in this story seem to prove those "scientists" wrong.
Certainly, the Pacific Ocean is huge.  Yet as the map above shows, distance from Fukushima did not seem to matter with the fish caught near Hydaburg, Alaska.
The map below, shows the location of the other LEO volunteer, Sam Kunaknana, in Nuiqsut, Alaska, thousands of miles farther away from Fukushima than Hyanburg. In fact, Nuiqsut, Alaska is about as far north as one can get from Fukushima, but the radiation has gotten there too.
If the strange lesions and cancerous tumors were only affecting Salmon, one might theorize that a particular disease had struck a particular species.  That's not the case.

As shown below, Alberta Pike are also being caught with grotesque cancerous tumors protruding outside their bodies.
Tumors are also affecting other species of fish like the Canadian Whitefish shown below:
Vancouver Island Area Herring are also being found to be bleeding from their gills, eyes, mouths and bellies.
We've all heard for years that sharks don't get cancer.  Well, when they swim around the Pacific Ocean nowadays, the radiation is so terrible that even sharks are getting cancer.

Recently, researchers in Australia noticed a large tumor protruding from the mouth of a great white shark, as well as another mass on the head of a bronze whaler shark. The great white's tumor measured 1 foot (30 centimeters) long and 1 foot wide, according to a study describing the tumors published online in November in the Journal of Fish Diseases.

"This was a very unusual sight as we have never before seen a white shark with tumors," said Rachel Robbins, a study co-author and shark biologist at the Fox Shark Research Foundation, near Adelaide, in southern Australia.
Behold, the first photo in the history of human existence, showing a Great White Shark with a cancerous tumor on its mouth:

As stated earlier, some have said that there are explanations other than radiation for these ailments.  Certainly that might be worthy of consideration.  Yet, how many of these so called "ailments" can cross-species?  You see, it is not just fish being affected; mammals are too.
Below are images of various types of Seals, Walruses and even Polar Bears.  ALL of them are suffering bloody lesions, some are suffering external tumors and others are losing their fur - hair loss is one of the first signs of radiation poisoning, even in humans.  See for yourself:

Polar Bear: Losing hair is one of the first signs of radiation poisoning.
The federal government of the United States of America has done absolutely NOTHING to test for radiation in the Pacific Ocean.  Nothing.
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service confirm they "have not tested for radiation and have no plans to do so in the future."  A FOIA request encompassing the entire Department of the Interior, via the Office of the Secretary, resulted in being told "The office of the Secretary does not have any records relating to your request."  The Federal Aviation Administration FOIA response was "FAA is not involved."  The FOIA response from the Nuclear Regulatory Agency was "NRC does not conduct the types of tests in your FOIA request." The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) replied "We do not conduct such tests." The Environmental Protection Agency replied "Please understand that these reports take time to create. Report 154 is currently under review at our laboratory and will be published once the review is complete."  (That report is over a year old and they still haven't reviewed it yet???) The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) replied they want $7098.84 to fill the request; their charges are as follows:

Action Officer

Estimated number of hours

Hourly Salary

Benefits @16%

Hourly Cost

Total Cost

Senior Scientist 40 = 38






Senior Scientist






Senior Scientist






Senior Professional






Senior Professional








So,  there you have it.  For three years, the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster has been spewing deadly radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean and for three years, the agencies above have done nothing.  Without admitting they have done nothing,  NOAA wants $7098.84 to merely LOOK to see if they have any records relating to a request!
In the meantime, fish from the Pacific Ocean are contaminated with -- and dying from -- Fukushima radiation and that means the radiation is in the seafood that YOU, your family, maybe even your cats and dogs are eating.
The next time you hear anyone from government say "we have no reason to believe there is any radiation hazard" bear in mind it is because 
they are not testing for it.  That's why they have no information . . . . . and . . . .  conveniently . . . .  "no reason to believe" there is any danger.  If this situation wasn't so pathetic, it would be laughable.
You folks on the west coast of North America might want to consider your activities this coming summer.  Maybe if YOU go swimming in the same water these fish swam in, a couple years later YOU could come out looking like they look!
As for everyone else, head-on-out to your local supermarket or restaurant and eat-up; the government says it's safe and they _never_ lie!

MUST SEE Karl Lentz UnKommonlaw invoke queen's bench become i a man not a person & win in court !

Schappelle Corby was innocent

Formal Submission Documenting of Abuse of Australian Citizen by Australian Government
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