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Hi, my name is Simon Shields. I was born a long long long time ago 1957, the year of the last bigggg floods in Victoria, also the year Melbourne (AFL) won a premiership. So in between then and now a fair amount of stuff has happened. In a nutshell :-

  1. Primary School was at St. Peters catholic school in East Bentleigh, during the time when the Vatican Council 2 changes swept through the catholic church. I went to Scouts and started Judo at Bentleigh Judo Club then Southern School of Judo run by Malcolm Slade in a Church hall in Male Street Brighton.
  2. Secondary School was at CBC (Christian Brothers College or Cigarette Butt Collectors colloquial name) St. Kilda. It was a very interesting and often times hilarious time. One day I'll write about it. During that time I was friends with guys like Mark Suhr, Peter Sullivan, Mark Ceddia, Henry DeAizapura and other likely!!! characters. We contended with crazy christian brothers, who were on the whole great guys. I never suffered any trauma from those days, but I have great memories.
  3. Tertiary Education started 1976 partime at RMIT studying Land Surveying, in the age of slide rules and logarithm tables, and HP25 postfix calculators. Lots of fun and education was free then. I was a serious student, and a religious nutter. I was very niaive and thought I could save the world. Crazy time, there is enough material here to write another book.
  4. Married to Carmel French in 1982, timulturous year for me. Graduated from RMIT with Surveying Degree, awarded a shodan in Judo, seemed to all happen at the same time. Around then I did some serious prolife protesting against abortion. I am still seriously prolife. One day I think Australians will regret the court decision of Roe versus Wade, that legalised abortion and opened the floodgates to the slaughter of the unborn; that travesty of justice occurred in 1973.
  5. Worked as a Surveyor with firms like Kluge Jackson Bowden and Associates and Carmen Dimace and Co. 1982 was a bad year to start married life and a new job at Noonan Surveyors. The building industry collapsed. I lost my job and tried all soughts of things, like starting my own drafting practice, hay bailing, futon making. We, moved to the country, Sale, to teach Geography, Maths, Judo and Cricket at St. Patricks College in Sale.By now Cassandra was a little girl aged 3 or 4. She was born 19th december 1982, at Wonthaggi Hospital, we were living in a caravan with my parents at Cape Peterson. Cassandra will be 30 this year, she is now married and lives with her husband in Peace River Canada. She has 3 children Aelspeth Mieta, Kevin Finian and Heidi Rose. I stuck out the teaching for 2 years, then went back to Surveying. Had a great job for a few months working on the Esso Rigs off Sale. We moved to Lindenow. I started a Judo club in Bairnsdale.
  6. After lots of struggles my Surveying career came to a grinding halt, so I went to Monash University in Gippsland Chruchill and started studying to obtain a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. Lindenow to Churchill was a long return trip on a motor bike, four or five times a week +900km.
  7. Paul was born in 1985, when we were in Sale. I was a teacher at the time. He was born 3 months premature. Very tiny baby. He is now married with 2 children Elizabeth Marie and Matthew Anthony born this year!!
  8. I worked at Monash Gippsland in IT doing perl4, powerhouse and working with HP MPEXL and HP 7000 unix computers. Started Yinnar Judo Club with Cheryl Schmitz and Germana Withington. Sharon Taylor one of my students from that club is training with the Australian Olympic Squad.
  9. Started working for Hobson's Park Hospital then Latrobe Regional Hospital. Worked in windows. Developed lots of clipper applications. Did a lot of Microsoft Excel and Access apps. Got retrenched from there in the late 1990's after the Government decided to privatise the hospitals.
  10. Worked for myself for a little while. Did and application for David Nebulsi, which turned out to be a bit of a failure. David was a member of the Traralgon Judo Club. David and Paul Coghlan were good judo friends from that time.
  11. Get a Y2K (Year 2000) contract with IBM GSA in Ballarat, to convert all the clipper software written for the Transport Corporation, into VBScript. I travelled weekly from Churchill to Ballarat and back. I stayed at Ballarat and worked at IBM GSA. This was a lot of fun but also a stressful time because my marriage started to crumble.
  12. Marie Therese Francis was born in 1995 Stephen Dominic 1997 and Gerard Anthony 1999. I moved the family to Nintingbool 1999 before Gerard was born. It was about this time that I'd had enough of the SSPX (Society of St. Pius Xth pseudo Catholic Cult Marcel Lefebvre's creation). We had been attending SSPX services since 1989. Carmel and I couldn't agree. We eventually separated in 2006. Carmel and the kids now live in Pakenham, the SSPX in Victoria are in Tynong.
  13. Left IBM in 2000 and started working for TUSC Computer Systems after a brief stint with DiamondKey International writing a cache C code for their petrol pump software.
  14. Working for TUSC was very difficult because their office was in Doncaster, which took 2.5 hours to get to from Ballarat. My commute time was 5 hours a day!!!! At first I tried driving there and back, but after a few close calls (sleeping at the wheel doesn't work), I started using the train.
  15. It was during this time that I met Kerry Collins, my partner. I have been living with Kerry since mid 2005. We live in Ballarat with our two dogs Lightning and Tasha.
  16. TUSC was originally a software business. I worked coding in C and perl5 on AMS (Alarm Management Software) and DPM (Data Performance Management), TUSC inhouse programs that were being used by Telstra. TUSC then had one main customer Telstra. With Globalization and Privatisation the floodgates had been open to overseas competition. The internet had opened up and TUSC could no longer compete as a software developing company. All the customers were moving to off the self software. TUSC adopted Netcool developed by Micromuse an offshoot from BT (British Telecom). I became TUSC's Netcool Consultant, after attending several courses and becoming certified. I started training TUSC's customers and installing and configuring netcool. TUSC was moving from a Software house to becoming an Integrator of off the shelf software. Telstra was shedding it's own in-house developed software and all the personnel with the brains and skills who had developed it and was taking on outside contractors to deliver Netcool.
  17. Finally I got to a dead end when I ended up being TUSC's Netcool Support guy for Telstra. In 2005 I joined Eirteic Australia run by Adrian Petzer. I set up an office at the Innovation Park in Ballarat. I became Eirteic's trainer and was sent over Asia teaching Netcool to companies employees. I taught Netcool for Cognizent, Tatar, IBM and others in Japan, India, China, Kuala Lumpa, Singapore and Malaysia.
  18. On returning I was burnt out and left Eirteic in 2007.
  19. In 2007 I started ShieldsEnterprises P/L and taught Netcool to Alcatel NZ and Alcatel-Lucent Australia. I was contracted with Alcatel-Lucent for about 8 months.
  20. I spent a year trying internet marketing and share trading. I attending some courses. I tried drop shipping.
  21. In 2010 Eirteic contracted me to work for Downer EDI in North Ryde Sydney NSW, installing and configuring Netcool.
  22. In 2011 Eirteic contracted me to work for NBN (National BroardBand Network) installing and configuring netcool.
  23. I had a long break over Christmas 2011 and new year. Bought a campervan. Started this website around April 2012 about the same time I ran into Simon Carroll and started teaching Judo again. The future is not written yet. I'm looking forward to more settled waters. And maybe a sea change to place where there is warmer weather.
Email me here simon@simonsaysbiz.com

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